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The Academic Center

Founded in 1995, The Academic Center of Law and Science offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Law Studies, Jewish Law, Accounting and an interdisciplinary degree in Public Administration, Government and Law. Starting in the 2015-2016 academic year, the Center will open a Faculty of Health Sciences Studies, in response to the increasing need for highly skilled staff in Israel’s Health System. 

The Center strives to provide students with a broad professional education and at the same time offers them practical experience in their field of study. The Center’s orientation ensures that on completing their studies, our graduates will be able - even in today’s changing job market - to embark successfully on their professional careers.

Apart from seeking to integrate theoretical and practical knowledge in the various fields of study, we believe that higher education goes hand in hand with fostering our students’ social commitment. The Center thus encourages students to combine their studies with active involvement in a range of social and community work.

Located in Hod Ha Sharon, Israel, the Center also includes a Beth Midrash and a Midrashah, which offer a variety of courses in Jewish Heritage Studies as well as cultural events which are related to the Jewish calendar. These programs are open to all students who wish to deepen their understanding of the Jewish culture.

In an ever- changing world, it is imperative to strive for academic and moral Excellency and this is the guiding philosophy of The Academic Center of Law and Science.