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About the Interdisciplinary School


As someone who for many years has worked in both the academia and the civil service, I am convinced that this is a prestigious academic program that will provide its graduates with significant practical advantages while upgrading the quality of civil service in Israel….”

Professor Avraham  Diskin, Head of the School of Administration, Governance and Law


These unique programs were designed out of awareness to the real need for high quality and comprehensive training for directors and organizations as well as government officials, who nowadays work in a highly complex business environment.

Studies provide a wide range of theoretical issues while focusing on practical solutions to inherent problems within the formal and informal public space.

The curriculum comprises introductory courses and core studies in administration, governance, law, economics and research methods.

In addition to theoretical studies, the students take part in workshops lead by top decision makers in Israel, past and present. The workshops deals with events analysis and explores the process of decision making regarding theoretical and practical matters.

Curriculum also includes study and practice of key indicators for success in an ever changing world among which is the theory of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). In this regard, the Academic Center of Law and Science is unique in Israel, joining many of the top universities in the United States. 


The program strives to provide the graduates with integrative and thorough knowledge of administration, governance and law and to train them as directors and high quality civil servants.


* The Council for Higher Education has approved the opening of the Interdisciplinary Program of Administration, Governance and Law and the degree remains subject to approval.