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Head of Interdisciplinary School

Head of Interdisciplinary School of Administration, Governance and Law - Professor Avi Diskin


Professor Diskin was formerly a Professor and researcher in the Department of Political Science at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He served as Head of the Department of Political Science at Hebrew University and Chairman of the Israel Political Science Association. Over the years he also served as an adjunct professor at many universities in the US, Canada, Europe and Japan.


Professor Diskin specializes in comparative politics, Israeli politics, election methods, voter behavior, decision-making and game theory. He has published 20 books and 150 academic articles on these subjects, dozens of which have been featured in top international journals.


In the public sector, Professor Diskin has served as counsel to heads of the Israeli political system – including prime ministers, ministers and Knesset (Parliament) members. He has also advised the Knesset and its committees, various government entities and the media, within Israel and worldwide.

For ten years he served as Chairman of the Cadets Committee of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Since the late 90’s he has been a consultant to the Central Elections Committee. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Council for Higher Education for Public Administration and Political Science.