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Family in Law

The journal Family in Law is published under the auspices of the Center for the Rights of the Child and the Family, and is edited by Prof.  Rhona Schuz and  Dr. Ayelet Blecher Prigat.  The journal publishes academic articles relating to aspects of family law. The subject-matter covered by the journal includes the secular and religious law governing marriage and other intimate relationships; child law; adjudication in family matters; the relationship between family and State and the inter-relationship between family law and other areas of law (such as property law, tort law, criminal law and international law) and other disciplines (such as psychology and social work).  In the course of a few years, the journal has assumed a place of honor as a leading academic journal in Israel and articles published in it are regularly cited in academic literature and by the Israeli courts.  Five volumes of the journal have been published to date (one being in English), with the participation of the leading writers in the field. A double volume (6 and 7) is currently in the final stages of editing and production and work has already started on editing volume 8.