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Head of the School of Accounting

Head of the School of Accounting - Professor Nissim Aranya


Professor Nissim Aranya is currently chairman of the School of Accounting at Sha`arei Mishpat Academic Center. Professor Aranya holds a B.A. degree in Economics and Sociology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, MBA from New-York University and Ph.D from London School of Economics.  Prof. Aranya has been chairman of the Accounting department at the Faculty of Business Administration, Tel-Aviv University, and a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Toronto, Berkeley, Northwestern, Texas (Austin) and NYU.


Professor Aranya specializes in corporate valuation and performed numerous consulting projects for Israeli and foreign companies.


In the public sector, Professor Aranya served as a Referee at the Anti-Trust Court, as well as a Member of the Board of Israeli Certified Public Accountants, and of the boards of various companies and investment houses.