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School of Accounting

Economic changes in the domestic and global markets have emphasized the need for businessmen, executives and consultants with a background in accounting, taxation, investment and finance. More and more accountants are holding senior positions in companies and organizations, from CFO to senior management positions. This trend has led to an increase in the demand for Accounting Studies.


The School of Accounting at the Academic Center of Law and Science was established to meet the increasing need for professionals with a broad academic education in accounting., including economics, taxation, business law and finance.   The purpose of the School of Accounting is to provide comprehensive training in modern accounting with advanced teaching methods and in accordance with international standards and statewide legislation.


The program of study also includes personal mentoring for each of the students and intensive preparation for the Council of Certified Public Accountants final exam.  

Successful graduates will be exempt from most exams required by the Council of Certified Public Accountants. For those graduates who wish to complete the final exam of the Council of Certified Public Accountants in order to receive the title of Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Israel, we will offer an additional year of studies.


The Head of School of Accounting is Professor Nissim Aranya, a senior lecturer and a respected and active figure in both the academic and financial worlds in Israel. Prof. Aranya was previously a member of the Advisory Council of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel (ICPAI) and the Head of the Department of Accounting at the University of Tel Aviv. Additional faculty include senior accountants, lawyers and prominent professionals in the fields of taxation, economics, mathematics, statistics and operations research.


One of the unique benefits of the School of Accounting at the Academic Center of Law and Science is the focused and profound curriculum. The specialized curriculum provides graduates with theoretical and practical knowledge at a high academic level, while developing critical analysis skills.


While striving for academic excellence, the Academic Center of Law and Science has also developed a strong support system for students. The School of Accounting maintains an open communication channel between the students, academic staff and administrative staff.    This communication is the foundation of the ideology that guides the Academic Center, whose goal is the creation of a pluralistic academic space with a social impact.


In addition, the curriculum includes the development of key indicators for success in a constantly changing and dynamic world – including the concept of emotional intelligence, (EQ) The Academic Center is the only institution in the country which currently includes EQ in its curriculum, joining many of the top universities in the United States. 


"Our goal is to have our accounting school graduates be among the top Certified Public Accountants in Israel; placed at accounting firms as executives, finance managers and investment analysts and in key positions in other areas such as receivership and liquidation of companies".

 Prof. Nissim Aranya, Head of School of Accounting