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About the Program

This program is designed for applicants with a Bachelor of Law (LL.B) who wish to extend their knowledge in various areas of law, both through new fields of study and also through advanced study of known topics. In addition, the program provides research tools that enable students to acquire a deeper understanding of the study of law.

Classes are held biweekly, (Thursday afternoons and Fridays) over four semesters. Completion of the degree requires 32 credits.



Academic staff includes top experts in their field of study who combine knowledge and research with practical experience.



The curriculum expands upon themes learned in undergraduate studies, while examining the legal issues from a theoretical and practical standpoint.

The program seeks to provide students with a broader perspective of the world of law and encompasses all branches of law, with an emphasis on subjects that develop "knowledge niches” which offer our students substantial advantage over their peers.

The program includes compulsory core curriculum, elective courses and seminars. As part of the curriculum, students will learn: intellectual property laws, the laws of technology entrepreneurship, international taxation, insurance law, guarantees, tenders law, class actions, advanced issues in tort, advanced issues in criminal law, international criminal law and more.  

Students may select one of the four following degrees: General Master of Laws (LL.M), LL.M with a specialization in Business Law, LL.M with a specialization in Public Law (including Criminal Law) or LL.M with a specialization in Private Law. Specialization studies require a minimum of 18 credits, including core curriculum, elective courses and seminars.

The first semester curriculum will include core curriculum only. Three consecutive semesters are devoted to the core curriculum, elective courses and seminars.

The fourth and final semester is comprised of several sessions of concentrated research seminars covering themes taught in the third semester.



* The Council for Higher Education has approved the opening of the LL.M program, the degree remains subject to approval.

  Sha'arei Mishpat reserves the right to extend or reduce the duration of the course work, change the holiday, examination and/ or semester schedules, alter the volume of weekly teaching hours, and announce any other changes to the academic timetable for any reason, administrative or academic, at the discretion of the management.


The Registration Process



Applicants must hold a Bachelor of Law (LL.B) with a GPA of 80 or above, from an institution recognized by the State of Israel.


Registration Dates

Registration will begin on Sunday, March 9, 2014 until Friday, October 31, 2014.


Registration Fee

The registration fee for the academic year is 350 IS

Registration fees are payable by check, credit card or cash at the Bursar’s office.

Registration fees are valid only for the selected academic year and cannot be transferred from year to year.

Registration fees are not refundable, even if the applicant was not accepted, did not study or canceled his registration.

The following items must be attached to the registration form:

  1.  Proof of a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) degree*
  2.  Transcripts signed by recognized educational institution
  3.  Photo ID
  4.  Direct debit form signed by the bank


Registration form

*Applicants are asked to provide copies of foreign documents, translated into Hebrew by a qualified interpreter, and attach notarized confirmation from the relevant Embassy certifying accreditation of the academic institution.

 Any certificate must bear the signature and stamp of the academic institution that issued the certificate. Certificates and documents submitted with the registration form will not be returned to the applicant.

Photocopies endorsed by the institution are acceptable, upon presentation of the original.