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Dr. Amos Herman

Dr.Amos Herman

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 LLB, Hebrew University, 1973

 SJD, University of Virginia, 1977


 Academic Degree

 Senior Lecturer


 Areas of Specialization

 Tort Law, Insurance Law, Evidence Law, Admiralty Law


 Professional Activities and Committee Membership

 Coeditor, Shaarei Mishpat Law Review

 Member, Syllabus Committee

 Students' Academic Consultant

 2010-2008 Judge, Disciplinary Court, Shaarei Mishpat

 2008-2007  Member, Development Committee

 2006-2005  Dean of Students

 2005-2004  Member, Stipend Committee


 Academic Activities

 Adjunct Lecturer, School of Law, Tel Aviv University

 Adjunct Lecturer, School of Law, Bar Ilan University


 Professional Publications


  1.  Introduction to Tort Law, 2006
  2.  Insurance Law, 2nd Ed. 1995
  3.  Insurance Law, 1st Ed. 1989
  4.  Shipping Conferences, 1983


 Publications Edited, Articles

  1. "Tax Considerations in Changing a Private Business into a Corporation According to Amendment No. 20 of the Income Tax Ordinance", 35-6  Taxes Quarterly  248 (1975)
  2. "Insured- Insurer Relationships in Light of the Reasonable Expectation Principle", 44  Insurance Magazine 14 (1983)
  3.  "Respecting the Insured's Expectations" 45 Insurance Magazine 19 (1983)
  4.  "The Insured's Expectations- The Situation in Israel" 46 Insurance Magazine 14 (1983)
  5. "Direct Claim Right of Insured Against Reinsurer in Times of Ceding Company's  Liquidation" 131 Insurance in Israel 9 (1986)
  6. "The Legal Authority of the Shipmaster" On Command, The Nautical Institute, London  (1986)
  7. "The Insured Who Affirms Must Prove, On the Burden of Proof of Insurance Claims" 45  Hapraklit 243 (1986)
  8. "What is Personal Accidents Insurance and When Does the Accident Occur" 8 Alei Mishpat  427 (2010)
  9.  "Wrongful Pregnancy" 3-4  Mishpacha Bamishpat  97 (2011)
  10. "On the Insurance Contract, On the Policy and What Lies in Between Them" Accepted for  Publication, Shaarei Mishpat Law Review (2013)
  11. "Tort Liability of Local Planning Committee to Defective Structures"  Accepted for  Publication, Din Udvarim Law Review (2013)