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Prof. Aviad Hacohen

Prof.  Aviad Hacohen
Tel/ 09-7750336

Academic Education

 LL.B. - Faculty of Law, Hebrew University, 1989 

 LL.M. - Faculty of Law, Hebrew University, 1993 (cum laude) Subject:  Maimonides' Sources in Mishneh Torah: The Jerusalem Talmud (instructor; Prof. Eliav Shochetman)

Ph.D. - Faculty of Law, Hebrew University, 2003 (magna cum laude)Subject: Interpretation In Jewish Law ((instructor; Prof. Menachem Elon) .


Previous posts

Lecturer                 2003 

Senior Lecturer    2005  


Instructor of Advanced Students

  • MA Students: Noa Izchaki, 2011
  • PhD Students: (with Prof. Immanuel Gutmann), Netanel Fisher, Hebrew Univ., 2011 (with Prof. Fania Oz-Zaltzberger), Tomer Hazut, Haifa Univ.


  • The Jacob Herzog Prize, for excellence in Legal Studies, Hebrew University,
  • The Slavit Prize, for excellenne in MA Studies, Hebrew University
  • 1994      The Shenrach Prize, for excellence in Jewish Law Studies, Hebrew University
  • 1997    The Asraf Prize, for excellence in PhD Studies, Hebrew University
  • 1999     The Gozick Prize, for excellence in Jewish Law Studies, Hebrew University
  • 2004    The Moshe Zilberg Prize, for excellence in PhD Legal Thesis, Hebrew University


Arranging and Coordinating Scientific Conferences

  1. Law and Society in Jewish Spain, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University
  2. AIDS in Israeli Law, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University

1998    Law, Medicine and Halacha, The Israel Bar and Shaarey Zedek Hospital,

2003    Menachem Elon At 80, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University

2006    "Jewish Commotment for Arab Minorities Rights", The Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem

2008    "Israeli Law At 60", Shaarey Mishpat Law School

  1. "The Rabbinical Courts: Past, Present and Future", Shaarey Mishpat Law School
  2. Public Officers: Rights and Duties, Shaarey Mishpat Law School

2012   Public Bids Law, TA Israel Bar


Other Academic Posts

  1. Faculty of Law, Hebrew University (Courses: "State and Religion" – Seminar; "Introduction to Jewish Law";   "The Responsa Literature: Law, Halacha and History")
  2. The Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare, Course: The Foundation of Law
  3. Faculty of Law, Bar Ilan University (Courses: "State and Religion" – Seminar; "Communication Law")


Other Legal and Professional Experience

  1. The Jerusalem District Committee, The Israel Bar, 1999-2003
  2. The Annual Israeli Bar Conference, a board member, 2007-2008
  3. Director, The Academic Board, The Israel Bar, 2004-2008
  4. The Courts Committee, The Israel Bar, 1995-1999
  5. The Disciplinary Court, The Israel Bar, 1995-1999
  6. The Supreme Court Committee, The Israel Bar, 1995-1999
  7. The Human Rights Committee, The Israel Bar, 1995-1999
  8. Chairperson, Law and Business Forum, Shaarey Mishpat College, 2006
  9. Legal Advisor, The Israel Festival, 1992-2010
  10. Legal Advisor, The Elie Wiesel Foundation, 1999
  11. Legal Advisor, The Israel Lottery, 2011-
  12. Legal Advisor, "Beit Moezet Yachad", The Israel President's House, 2001
  13. Legal Advisor, The Holocaust Survivor Foundation, 2001
  14. Legal Advisor, The Jewish Studies World Union, 2001
  15. Legal Advisor, The Israel Festival, 1992-2010
  16. Legal Advisor, Justice for Women, 2006


Other positions

  1. Member, The Public Committee on Children Rights in Israel, The Ministry of Justice, 2000-2003
  2. Trustee and Director, Taglit – Birthright Israel, 2000-
  3. Chairperson, Logistice Committee, Taglit – Birthright Israel, 2000- 
  4. Member, The Steering Committee, Taglit – Birthright Israel, 2000-  5. Representative of Israeli Government, The Claims Conference, 2000-2001
  5. Member, The Public Committee for Religious Services, The Ministry of Religious Affairs, 2000-2001
  6. The Appeal Committee, Generali Foundation, 2002-2009
  7. Legal and Professional Adviser, The Budget Committee for the Israeli Education System ('The Shoshani Committee'),  The Ministry of Education, 2002
  8. The Supreme Ethical Committee, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 2010
  9. The Ethical Committee, IFA – The Israeli Fertility Association
  10. The Steering Committee, "Beit Hillel Rabbis", 2012

Excellence in Teaching

The Best Teachers, Hebrew University: 1993, 1996, 1998, 2007

The Best Teachers, Bar Ilan University: 2000, 2001, 2003


Academic and Professional Posts 

  • Member, The Legal Terms Committee, The Academy of Hebrew Language
  • Adviser, The Codification Committee, The Ministry of Justice, 1993
  • Head, The Center of Jewish Law Research and Teaching, Shaarey Mishpat College, 1996-
  • Editor, Legal Papers, The Rabin Center, 1999
  • Editor, Parashat ha-Shavu'a (The Weekly Portion), Ministry of Justice, 2001-
  • Founder and Chairperson, Mosaica – A Research Center of Religion, Society and State, 2001-
  • Coordinator, The Forum of "Jewish Law, Society and Jewish Culture", The Van Leer Institute, 2003-2004
  • Member, Steering Committee, Jewish Thought and Culture, The Van Leer Institute, 2003-
  • Member, Steering Committee, The Center of Family and Children Rights, Shaarey Mishpat College, 2006-
  • Legal Adviser, "Hakol Chinuch" Movement, 2009-
  • Fellow, The Van Leer Institute, 2005-
  • Founder and Member, The Steering Committee, "Maagley Zedek", 2004-
  • Member, The Steering Committee, Justice for Women, 2006-
  • Member and Legal Adviser, The Steering Committee, Readers Association, The National Library, 2007-
  • Member, The Steering Committee, Youth for Jewish Law, 2006-
  • Member, Central Elections Committee, The Knesset, 2009
  • Member, The Steering Committee, "Takanah – The Forum Against Sexual Harassment", 2009-
  • Member, The Steering Committee, Yeshival Har Ezion
  • Member, Israeli Orthodox Forum
  • Member, Academic Board, The 'Shalem' Institute, Jerusalem
  • Candidate, The Supreme Court of Israel, 2007 
  • Candidate, The Supreme Court of Israel, 2011 


Academic Consultant

  1. Bar Ilan University Press
  2. Hakibutz Ha-Meuhad Press
  3. The Van Leer Institute Press


Academic Consultant: Lelal Reviews and others

  • Mishpatim
  • Iyuney Mishpat
  • Mehkerey Mishpat
  • Israel Law Review
  • Law and Business
  • Shaarey Mishpat Law Review
  • The Israel Journal of Conflict Resolution
  • Identities – The Van Leer Institute
  • Acdamot – Beit Morasha
  • Massechet

Editorial Boards

  1. Member and Chief Editor, The Official Legal Reports, The Supreme Court of Israel, 1997-2009
  2. Shenaton Ha-Mishpat Ha-Ivry, 1988-
  3. Law and Medicine, 2009-
  4. Mahanayim – Jewish Culture and Thought, 1992-
  5. Shaarey Mishpat Law Review, 1996-
  6. Family and Law, 2013

Legal Experience

  1. Clerk, Justice Manachem Elon, Vice President, The Supreme Court of Israel, 1989 
  2. Dr. Mishael Cheshin, Adv. (later, Vice President, The Supreme Court of Israel), 1990
  3. Founder and Partner, Ben-David, Avraham, Hacohen – Law Office, 1991