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Dr. Ayelet Blecher-Prigat

Dr. Ayelet Blecher-Prigat
Sha'arei Mishpat Law College, 5 Margoa St. , Hod-Hasharon 4510201
Tel: 09-7750343
Address: Sha'arei Mishpat Law College, 5 Margoa St. , Hod-Hasharon 4510201
Telephone: 09-7750343


 JSD, Columbia University School of Law, New York, NY 2005

LL.M, Kent Scholar, Columbia University School of Law, New York, NY, 1999

LL.B, magna cum laude, Tel Aviv University Law Faculty, Tel Aviv, Israel, 1997


 Academic Degree

 Senior Lecturer, Sha`arei Mishpat Law College 2011

Lecturer, Sha`arei Mishpat Law College 2005


Areas of Specialization

Family Law, Inheritance Law


 Professional Activities and Committee Membership

 Member of curriculum committee, Co-Director of the Center for the Rights of the Child and the Family

Academic Director of the Israeli Bar Workshops on Inheritance Law





  1. Conceiving Parents, forthcoming in 41 Harv. J. L. & Gender (2017).

  2. Celebrating 40 years to TAU Law Review – Evaluating 40 years of Family Law Research, forthcoming in 40 Iyunei Mishpat (Tel-Aviv University Law Review) (2017) [Hebrew] (solicited article) (with Ruth Zafran).

  3. Divorce for All: Same-Sex Divorce as a Test Case, forthcoming in Law and Business-IDC Law Review  (2017). [Hebrew[ (with Zvi Triger)

  4. Wills Interpretation: Dignifying the Deceased and Restoring the Soul of the Will, 38 Iyunei Mishpat (Tel-Aviv University Law Review) 571 (2016) [Hebrew] (with Shelly Kreiczer-Levy).

  5. From Partnership to Joint-Parenthood: The Financial Implications of the Joint Parenthood Relationship, 19 Law and Business-IDC Law Review 821 (2016). [Hebrew[

  6. A Constitutional Right to Marry: Israeli Style, 47 Israel Law Review 1 (2014).

  7. Between Function and Form: Towards a Differentiated Model of Functional Parenthood, 20 George Mason Law Review 419 (2013) (with Pamela Laufer-Ukeles).

  8. The Costs of Raising Children: Toward a Theory of Financial Obligations between Co-Parents, 13 Theoretical Inquiries in Law 179 (2012).

  9. Privacy for Children, 42 Columbia Human Rights Law Review 101 (2011) (with Benjamin Shmueli).

  10. Strangers or Parents: The Current and the Desirable Legal Status of Parents' Spouses, 40 Mishpatim (The Hebrew University Law Review) 5 (2010) [Hebrew] (with Dafna Hacker).

  11. The Family and the Law, in Is Law Important? 235 (Law, Society, and Culture Series, Tel Aviv University, Dafna Hacker & Netta Ziv edts. 2010) [Hebrew].

  12. The Interplay between Tort Law and Religious Family Law: The Israeli Case, 26 Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law (2009) (with Benjamin Shmueli).

  13. Rethinking Visitation: From a Parental to a Relational Right 16 Duke Journal Of Gender Law & Policy 1 (2009).

  14. Until Death Do Us Part?”: On the Mutual Wills Doctrine in Israel, in Essays In Memory Of Professor Menashe Shava (Daniel Friedman & Aharon Barak eds., 2005). [Hebrew].

  15. Rights, Boundaries, and the Family, 27 Iyunei Mishpat (Tel-Aviv University Law Review) 539 (2003) [Hebrew

Chapters in Books

  1. "Children are Joy": Same-Sex Parenthood and Artificial Reproductive Technologies, in Meeting In Road: The Lgbt Community Handbook 395 (Alon Harel, Einav Morgenstern, Yaniv Lushinski, eds., Jerusalem: Sacher Institute, Hebrew University Faculty of Law, 2015) . [Hebrew[ (with Ruth Zafran).

  2. Same-Sex Relationships and Israeli Law in Same Sex Couples. Comparative Insights on Marriage and Cohabitation 131 (Macarena Saez ed., Springer Press 2015).

  3. Child and Family Law in Israel: Dynamism and Schizophrenia, in THE FUTURE OF CHILD AND FAMILY LAW: INTERNATIONAL PREDICTIONS (Elaine E. Sutherland, ed., Cambridge University Press 2012) (with Rhona Schuz).

Works in Progress

  1. Children's Privacy within the Family, forthcoming in Oxford Handbook on Children and the Law (Jim Dwyer ed., Oxford University Press)