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Dr. Victor H. Bouganim



1999 Ph.D. Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Information Technology Law Unit, QMW College, University of London.
1991 MBA, Faculty of management, University of Tel Aviv, Fields of study: Master in Business Administration with specialization in Information Systems.
1982 – 83  Postgraduate courses in Philosophy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Philosophy Department
1980 LL.B. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Law.


Main Academic Appointments

2002 Lecturer of Law , Sha’arei Mishpat Academic Center
1994 – 2003 Faculty Member – Lecturer of Law Faculty of Law, University of Haifa
August 2000 – December 2001  
Summer Term, 2002 – 2007 
Visiting Professor of Law, Washington College of Law, American University


Teaching and Research Topics

Intellectual Property – Digital & International Aspects Law & Technology – Computer Law and Electronic Commerce Law Business Law – Company Law & Corporate Governance Implementation of Information Technologies in Legal Education


Professional Activities and Committee Membership

Academic Associations

December 2001 Participation in the discussions on the Bill of Electronic Signature in the Knesset. Discussions took place at the Joint Committee of the Committee of Science and Technology & the Legislation Committee.
January 2000 Chairman of the Advisory Committee Panel deciding in re: See:
1999 – 2000 Member of the Advisory Committee of the Internet Society – Israeli Chapter. An independent committee designed for dispute resolution regarding allocation of Domain Names in Israel
October 1999 Member of the Panel deciding in re:
May 1997 Member of the Networking Committee – The Legal Subcommittee. Formed by the Knesset – The Israeli Parliament.
1983- Present Member of the Israeli Bar Association. Independent Advocate – Civil & Commercial Law. Active Law Office in the years 1983-1991.


Professional Publications

  • Ph.D. Thesis- Title: The Legal Protection of Databases – From Copyright to Dataright. Supervisor: Prof. Chris Reed. Head of the Information Technology Law Unit, the Centre of Commercial Law Studies, QMW College, University of London. Submitted to the Senate of the University of London in March 1999 and approved by the Committee of Examiners in 11 June 1999. Scope: 327 pp.


Articles and Reviews in Refereed Journals:

  • Balancing Rights in Designs: Designs' Stakeholders Rights within the Israeli 2013 Design Bill, SHA'AREI MISHPAT LAW REVIEW, Vol. 7, August 2014 [Hebrew].
  • Legal aspects of Technology Use in Teaching, Conference Book: Learning Man in the Technological Age, Editors: Yoram Eshet-Elkala'i, Avner Caspi, Nitza Gery, The Chais Conference of Learning Technologies Research, Open University, February 2008 [Hebrew].
  • The Computers Act and the Law's Struggle with the Challenge of Technology, SHA'AREI MISHPAT LAW REVIEW, Vol. 4, June 2006 [Hebrew].
  • On the Interpretation of Technological Terms in Legislation, SHEARIM LA'MISHPAT [Issue 1, Spring 2005] [Hebrew].
  • Electronic Commerce – The Legal Infrastructure, 2 SHA'AREI MISHPAT LAW REVIEW, Vol. 2, December 1997. [Hebrew].
  • Book Review: Legal Protection of Computer Programs in Europe – A Guide to the EC Directive by Bridget Czarnota and Robert J. Hart, 7 INTERNATIONAL YEARBOOK OF LAW, COMPUTERS AND TECHNOLOGY 257–259 (1993).
  • Conference Report: The EC Database Directive, 8 (3) COMPUTER LAW & PRACTICE 124–127 (Aug 1992).


Other Publications

  • Conference Book: Towards Design Law Legislation in Israel. Book edited together with Dr. Chagai Vinitzki and Adv. Yossi Markovitz, Sha'arei Mishpat College of Law, April 2013.
  • Balance of Rights in Designs, Conference Book: Towards Design Law Legislation in Israel, Editors: Victor H. Bouganim, Chagai Vinitzki, Yossi Markovitz, Sha'arei Mishpat College of Law, April 2013.
  • Conference Report: WIPO’s Symposium on the Impact of Digital Technology on Copyright, MANAGING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY 25–26 (May 1993).
  • A European View on Computer Law, MANAGING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (November 1992).