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Dr. Chaim Shine

Rabbi Chaim Shine, Ph.D.
Rehov Shvartz 4  Ra’anna 93229 Israel
Tel:   050-5307402


1972-1976  Tel Aviv University, LL.B.

1973-1976  Tel Aviv University, B. A. in Philosophy

1978-1979  Yeshiva University, NYC, MA in Philosophy and Judaic Studies

1983-1987  Tel Aviv University, J.D.

1988-1995 Rabbinical Ordination


 Academic Degree

1996- Senior lecturer at Sha’are Mishpat College

1995- 1996 Senior lecturer at Bar-Ilan University


Professional Activities and Committee Membership

2005-2007  Sha’are Mishpat College, Pedagogical Committee

2006-2007 Sha’are Mishpat College, Disciplinary Committee (Appeals)

1989- Shapiro Award for Torah Literature

1995- Aminach Award

1996- The Philosophy of Law,

2003-2007  Trends in Modern Jurisprudence

2004- Judges and Decisions in Israeli Law

1995-1996 Government and Religion in the

1995- Limitations of Freedom of Speech

1987 -1995 Jewish Law


 Professional Publications

  1. 1979 M.A. thesis, The Philosophy of Rabbi Obadiyya Seforno as a paradigm of Jewish Philosophy of Italian Renaissance. Yeshiva University
  2. 1987 Ph.D. dissertation, The Concept of Justice in Jewish Law, Tel Aviv University

Conferences and Papers:

  1. 2009 "Ethical Aspects of Debt Resolution Agreements”, the Ethics and Debt Resolution Conference, Netanya Academic College.
  2. 2009 "Judicial Activism: A Critical Analysis”, the Judicial Activism and Morality Conference, Netanya Academic College.
  3. 2009 "Jewish Values and the Israeli Supreme Court”, the Education and Values Conference, Talpiot College.
  4. 2007 "Jurisprudence: Prejudices and Personal Agenda”, Supreme Court Justices as Mortals Conference, Netanya Academic College.
  5. 2007 " The Individual’s Right to Protect His Property at the Expense of Others”, The Limitations of Self-Protection in Criminal Law Conference, Sha’are Mishpat College.
  6. 2006 "Philosophical Aspects of Moral Degeneration in Israeli Society”, an International Conference on Jewish Law, Bar Ilan University.
  7. 2006 "The Ethics of Civil Servants”, the Corruption as Existential Threat Conference, Netanya Academic College.
  8. 2006 "Judicial Decisions in Targeted Assassination Cases”, a conference on Targeted Assassinations, Netanya Academic College.
  9. 2006 "Tolerance”, a conference on the Gay Parade: For and Against, Sha’are Mishpat College.
  10. 2005 "The Status on Women in Israeli and Jewish Law”, at a conference on Feminism and Law, Netanya Academic College.
  11. 2005 "Rabbi Obadiyya Seforno” a conference on Italian Jewry, Bar Ilan University.
  12. 2004 "The Perspective of the Israeli Supreme Court Regarding Government and Religion”, a conference on Government and Religion, sponsored by Sha’are Mishpat College and the Israeli Bar Association.
  13. 2004 "Dealing with Husbands who refuse to Divorce Their Wives”, A Conference on Women Stranded with out Divorce Agreements and their Refusing Husbands, Sha’are Mishpat College.
  14. 2004 "Halachic Perspectives on Conversion”, Halachic Conversion and the Law of Return, Kiryat Ono College.
  15. 2003 "Socrates and the Obedience to the Law”, Limitations to Obedience to the Law, Netanya Academic College.
  16. 2001 "Criticizing the Judicial System”, Who Will Judge the Judges Conference, Sha’are Mishpat College.
  17. 2000 "Ethical Considerations of Organ Transplantation”, Organ Trafficking Conference, Netanya Academic College


  1. On Justice (1984)
  2. Or Chadash (1992)
  3. Rabbi Ovadia Sforno (2001)
  4. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and Justice A. Barak (2005)
  5. The Philosophy of Law (2008)