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Prof. Chemi Ben Noon

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Prof. Chemi Ben Noon


1999 Ph.D Philosophy, Tel-Aviv University
1986-1989 M.A Philosophy, Tel-Aviv University
1981-1984 LL.B , Tel-Aviv University
1974-1977 B.A , Mathematics & Philosophy Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Academic Degree

2013 Professor of Law, Sha’arei Mishpat Academic Center
2003 Senior Lecturer, Sha’arei Mishpat College

Areas of Specialization

Reasearcher and lecturer at Sh'arei Mishpat college, specializing in the fields of Civil Procedure, Legal Decision Making, Professional Ethics, Civil Disobedience, administrative Tribunals:

  • Civil legal proceedings - (appeals, compromises, statuses, etc.); Administrative courts and related laws; imposing verdicts (bankruptcies, tax collection, contempt of court, etc.).
  • Behavioural Science; Administration & Justice - Decisionmaking by officers of the court; cognitive biases and the psychology of decisionmaking; memory and perception - psychology and justice; behavioural aspects in the work of boards of directors and other groups; mathematics and research.
  • disciplinary justice; the judiciary as a profession.
  • civil disobedience and law obedience; the philosophy of ethics; responsibilities of citizens in democracies; religion-state, criminology, etc.


Professional Activities and Committee Membership

  •  Lecturing and teaching Mandatory Courses: Civil procedure, Professional Ethics, Obligation Enforcement` Elective Courses: Decision making in crisis and under normal conditions, Tactics and strategy in legal proceedings and Seminars: Civil Disobedience and the issue of compliance with the law, Administrative tribunals.
  • member of a Senior Academic Committee; member of Teaching committee; member of the Appellate Tribunal on Disciplinary Committee decisions.
  • lecturer with the Carmel College, and teaches at the Tel Aviv University (15 years), the Administration College (6 years), the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (5 years), Bar-Ilan University (5 years), and the Interdisciplinary Center (3 years).


Academic Activities

Dr. Ben-Noon studies and publishes in a wide variety of fields - some purely legal, while others combine legal issues with political science, philosophy, psychology, and so on. For example, for the past 20 years, Ben-Noon studied civil obedience, helping change the observation of law violations from the moral perspective to the political angle. For the past decade, Dr. Ben-Noon has been studying decision making processes, in the court and as a whole, focusing on recent theories in the field (particularly by Prof Daniel Kahneman and Dan Arieli) and empirical studies in neuro-economics and neurology as a whole. Published a year ago, his article on judges' cognitive biases is widely read and extensively cited.


Professional Publications


  • Civil Disobedience, Yaar, 1992.
  • Civil Disobedience: The Israeli  Experience ,Paragon House ( 2015).
  • Civil Disobedience (2nd Edition) Resling ( 2014).
  • The Limits of Reason -on Thought, Science, and Faith-Conversation with Isaiah Leibovich and Joseph Agasi; Keter (1997).
  • Civil Appeal, with I. Gottfried, Mahshavot, 1997.
  • Civil Appeal (2nd  edition, 2004).
  • Civil Appeal with T. havkin (Third Edition, 2012) .
  • Civil Responsibility (Tel-Aviv Univ. 1999).


Publications Edited, Articles

  • The Cradle of Creativity (2004) .
  • The Guinness Book of the 20thCentury Keter (1999) .
  • Child, Adult and Culture renewed from the students and friends of Moshe Caspi . (2010) (two volumes).
  • (ed. & scientific counselling)  Improving Learning Skills Kidum 1988.
  • (ed.) Conversations Concerning the philosophy of Science1996. (A dialogue between Prof. Leibowitz & prof. Agassi)
  • (ed.) heb. Joseph Agassi Letters to my sister Yediot Achronot ( 2000)
  • (ed.) heb. Reuven Nir Attraction –essays on Law of Gravity Kinneret  (2000)
  • (ed.) My Judicial Way, Baruch Gross, private publication ( 2002) .
  • How to Prepare for the Psychometric Examinations? Kidum 1982-1996. (some 12 editions) 600 pages