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Dr. Dafna Lavi

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2003 Ph.D. (law), Bar-Ilan University, Israel, Direct Doctoral Track (Dissertation:"The Concept of Success in the View of the Pure and the Mixed Approaches to Mediation")
1996 L.L.B (law), Bar-Ilan University, Israel.

Academic Degree

present Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), Sa’arey-Mishpat Academic Center, Israel.
2013 Assistant Professor, Sa’arey-Mishpat Academic Center, Israel
2007 Adjunct Professor, The College of Management Academic Studies

Teaching and Research Topics

Researcher and lecturer at Sa’arey-Mishpat Academic Center, specializing in the fields of Civil Procedure, Negotiation, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Feminism, Law & Society, Online Dispute Resolution.


Professional Activities and Committee Membership


  • "The Changing Role of Consent in ADR" (at: Faculty of Law, University of Haifa, invited lecturer, 2013)
  •  "The Legal System: Problems, Challenges and the Role of Academy" (ILSA 2012, at: law school, Academic Center of Law and Business, invited lecturer, 2012).
  •  "Dispute resolution and Intellectual Property"(at: Dan Panorama Hotel, "The Israeli Chamber of Mediators", invited lecturer, 2012(
  • The Abraham Melamed Peacemaking Research Institute (invited lecturer, 2008).


  • Joint Editor of Sha’arey-Mishpat Law Review (2007-2009).
  •  Interdisciplinary Advanced Research Programe on Conflict Management and Negotiation, Bar-Ilan University (invited lecturer, 2001).
  • Member of honor, The Israeli Chamber of Mediators (2012).
  • Member of the Academic Committee of the Israeli Mediators' Council (2011).
  • Officer of Sexual Harassment Complaints, Sha’arei Mishpat College of Law (2005-2008).



Professional Publications


  • Alternative Dispute Resolution and Domestic Violence: Women, divorce and Alternative Justice (Routledge, 2018)
  • Three is not a Crowd: Online Mediation-Arbitration in Business to Consumer Internet Disputes (forthcoming) 37 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW (2016).
  • No More Click? Click in Here: e-Mediation in Divorce Disputes- the Reality and the desirable 16 CARDOZO JOURNAL OF CONFLICT RESOLUTION, 479- 541 (2015).
  • Till Death Do Us Part?!': Online Mediation (e-Mediation) as an Answer to Divorce Cases Involving Violence  16 N0RTH CAROLINA JOURNAL OF LAW AND TECHNOLOGY, 253-310 (2015).
  • Don't be Fooled by the Trappings: Towards a New Paradigm for Understanding Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) and its Adoption by the Israeli Legal System (forthcoming) LAW & BUSINESS (2015).
  • Divorce Involving Domestic Violence:  Is Med-Arb Likely to be the Solution? 14 PEPPERDINE DISPUTE RESOLUTION LAW JOURNAL 101-161  (2014).
  • Can the Leopard Change His Spots?!- Reflections on the 'Collaborative Law' Revolution and Collaborative Advocacy 13(1) CARDOZO JOURNAL OF CONFLICT RESOLUTION 61-112 (2011).
  • Not Only Arbitration and Not Only Mediation - A Proposal to Adopt "Med-Arb" as a Response to the Weaknesses of the Institution of Arbitration in Israel 42(2) MISHPATIM* (The Hebrew University Law Journal) 589-662 (2012).
  • Looking at the End from the Beginning: Early Neutral Evalution - Theoretical and Practical Aspects and a Critical Perspective 27(2) BAR-ILAN STUDIES* (Bar-Ilan University LR) 455-501 (2012).
  • 'Fierce as a Tiger'- Collaborative Advocacy in Israel 15 LAW & BUSINESS
  • Transformative Mediation- The Substantive and Procedural Aspect- A Proposal to Adopt   A New-Old Model into the Current Discourse 5 SHA’AREY-MISHPAT 131-175 (2009).
  • Violence and Mediation: An Oxymoron? 1 THE FAMILY IN LAW 117-161 (2007).

*Ranked as Israel’s top three law reviews.


  • The Mediator- The Role and the Key for Successful Mediation (2006).