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Prof. Israel Gilead

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1984 LLD, Hebrew University- Defective Products (Liability) Law, 1980 and the Economic Analysis of Law .
1983 BA in Economics, Hebrew University (with distinction)
1979 LLB, Hebrew University(first in class)

Fields of research and teaching

Tort Law, corporations, limitation of civil actions, economic analysis of tort law, bills and notes


Academic degrees

Faculty of Law, Hebrew University

2012 Professor Emeritus
2003 Full Professor
1998 Bora Laskin Chair in Law
1996 Associate Professor
1992 Senior Lecturer
1984 Lecturer


2012- Full Professor , Sha`arei Mishpat Academic Center
1991 - 1992 Senior Lecturer (tenure), Faculty of Law, Haifa U.


Academic positions

2002 – present Chairperson and member of various subcommittees of the Council of Higher Education approving LL.B and LL.M college degrees
2007 – 2013 - Head of executive Committee, National Institute For Testing and Evaluation (psychometric tests)
1985 - 2012 Member and Head of various disciplinary bodies
2006 – 2008 Member of the (Tenure) Appointment Committee – Humanities and Social Sciences, Hebrew University
1999-2002 Dean, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University
1993-1996 Vice Dean, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University

Law reform committees and related activities

2011 Drafting the chapters on Tort Law and Tort Remedies in the proposed 2011 draft of the Israeli Civil Code
2005 Drafting the 2005 Law regulating the tort immunity of public officials
  Drafting the new Limitation of Civil Actions Law which is part of the proposed Civil Code
1996 - 2005 - Member of the Codification Committee on Israeli Private-Law - headed by Chief Justice Barak .
1994-2005 Serving as a Judge at the Israel National Round of the Jessup Competition.- Member of the Law Reform Committee on the Israeli Law - of Torts - headed by Chief Justice Barak
1992-1995 Member and principal researcher of the Law Reform Committee on the of Limitation of Actions - headed by Chief Justice Barak

International affiliations

2004 - present Member of the American Law Institute
1999 – present Member of the European Group on Tort Law (EGTL) Co-leading two projects of the Group on Proportional Liability And Prescription
1999 – present Member of the European Center of Tort and Insurance Law (ECTIL)

Statutory and Public Commissions

2011-2012 Member of a Public Committee established by the Ministry of Justice to recommend ways of coping with the "Wrongful Life" dilemma
2003 - 2008 Member of a statutory commission appointed by Israeli Government to appoint Directors to the nationalized pension funds
2002 Member of a statutory commission established to propose criteria for assisting victims of a building collapse disaster

Parliamentary Committees

2001 - Present Participating as an expert in meetings, on various issues, of the parliamentary Constitution, Law & Justice committee and the Education Committee

Boards of Directors

2012 – present Director at Harel Insurance and Finance group Head of the Audit Committee, Risk Management Committee and Remuneration
2005 - 2011 Director at Bank Leumi – head of its Audit Committee and Procedure Committee and member of various committees
1987 - 2005 Member of other boards of directors and of investment committees of - financial bodies


Professional Publications since 2007


  • Tort Law: Limits of Liability" (Sacher Institute - the Hebrew University (2012) (1,500 p.) (Hebrew, 2 Volumes).

Edited Books

  • Proportional Liability – Analytical and Comparative Perspectives (I. Gilead, M. Green, B. Koach eds., De Gruyter, forthcoming 2013)

Articles in Edited Journals

  • "On Models of Negligence: Part B" 7 Mishpatin on Line 1 (2014) (Hebrew)
  • "On Models of Negligence " Mishpatin on Line (forthcoming 2014) (Hebrew)
  • "On the Proper Scope of Legal Causation in Negligence Law" 29 Bar-Ilan Law Studies 169 (2013) (Hebrew).
  • "Human Rights in Tort Law and in Contract law - the Quiet Revolution" (with D. Barak-Erez) 8 Kiryat Mishpat (2009) (Hebrew).
  • "Tort Law in Chief Justice Barak judgments" in Barak's Book (Mishpatim) 487 (2009) (Hebrew).
  • "Rejoinder: The New Law of Limitation of Civil Actions" 36 Mishpatin (2007) 855 (Hebrew).
  • "Comments on the Tort Provisions in the Proposed new Civil Code" 36 Mishpatim 761 (2007) (Hebrew).

Articles in Edited Books

  • "Proportional Liability – general report" in Proportional Liability (I. Gilead, M. Green, B. Koach eds., 1 – 67 (De Gruyter,2013).
  • "Israeli Report on Proportional liability" in Proportional Liability (I. Gilead, M. Green, B. Koach eds., 183 – 198 (De Gruyter,2013).
  • "Introduction to Economic Analysis of Loss Division" in Aggregation and Divisibility of Damage" 449 (K. Oliphant ed., Springer, 2009).
  • "Aggregation and divisibility of damage in Israeli Tort Law" in Aggregation and Divisibility of Damage" 255 (K. Oliphant ed., Springer, 2009).
  • "Economic Analysis of Prescription in Tort Law" in Tort and Insurance Law Yearbook: European Tort Law 2007 (H, Koziol and B. Steininger eds, Springer, 2008).
  • "Limitation of Civil Actions" in The Draft Civil Code for Israel in Comparative Perspective (Kurt Siehr & Reinhard Zimmerman eds.) 192 (2008).
  • "Harm Screening Under Negligence Law" in Emerging Issues in Tort Law (J. Neyers, E. Chamberlain & S.G.A. Pitel eds., Hart Publishing) 251 (2007).
  • Daphne Barak-Erez and Israel Gilead "Human Rights in Private Law: The Israeli Case" in Human Rights and the Private Sphere – A Comparative Study 252 (Routledge-Cavendish, Dawn Oliver and Jorg Fedtke eds., 2007).