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Dr. Michael Baris

Dr. Michael Baris
13 Yeffe Nof St.,KArnei Shomron, 44855, Israel
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2009 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan
Vision Versus Verity: Doubt and Skepticism in Maimonides' Jurisprudence (Hebrew)
Advisors: Prof. Hanina Ben-Menahem, Hebrew University, Jerusalem; Prof. Shimshon Ettinger, Bar-Ilan University

  1. President's Scholarship
  2. Wolf Award: 2008
  3. Schupf Scholarship Award: 2007/8
  4. VERA Award: 2007
  5. Rector's Award: 2006


2004 Masters of Law Degree (LLM) Hebrew University, Jerusalem
"The Eye and the Derrick: Burden of Proof in Jewish Law "(Hebrew)
Summa cum laude
Bahana Award for Graduate Research in Jewish Law: 2001

2003 Qualified mediator, with specialty in family mediation, Gomeh – The Israeli Center for Mediation, Tel Aviv

1993 Admitted, Israel Bar Association

1988/9 – 1991/2 Bachelor's Degree in Law (LLB) Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Magna cum laude
Dean's list for academic years: 1988/9-1989/90-1990/1
Member editorial board, Mishpatim Law Review: 1990/1 


Academic Degree

Lecturer (tenure as of 2010)


Areas of Specialization

Philosophy of Law; Jewish Law; Labor Law


Professional Activities and Committee Membership

Member (since 2011), Committee for Students’ Affairs

  1. Equity, Courts of Equity and Corporate Law, The First Private Law Consortium, Bar-Ilan University, Faculty of Law (Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Law, In Partnership with: Harvard Law School, U.S.A.; University of Trento, Italy; University of Oslo, Norway; University of Pennsylvania Law School, U.S.A; McGill University, Canada), June 26-27, 2013, Bar-Ilan University, Faculty of Law.
  2. Models of Creativity, Restraints of Humility: Secular Legislation through the Prism of Jewish Law, The Jewish Law Association 17th International Conference, (The Jewish Law Association and Yale Law School) New Haven, July 30-August 2, 2012.
  3. Iniquities Ensnare the Wicked: The Ethical Theory of Proverbs 1-9, 2012 International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, (Society of Biblical Literature and Universiteit van Amsterdam) Amsterdam, July 22-26, 2012.
  4. Causation in Tort: The Jewish Law Perspective (Hebrew), Third Zova Conference on Jewish Law: Jewish Law and Torts (Faculty of Law, The Institute for Research in Jewish Law, The Harry and Michael Sacker Institute for Comparative Law and Research, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Buchman Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University; Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University) Zova, June 25-27, 2012.
  5. Rereading “The Generation”: Rabbi Kook’s Eastern-European Thought on Jaffa’s Shores, Jewish Spirituality in Eastern Europe – A Textual Perspective, (Hebrew & Jewish Studies Department, University College) London, June 6-7, 2012.
  6. Researcher, research forum on: Legal Formalism and Halacha, (Bar Ilan University, Faculty of Law, Esther and Rommy Tiger Program), 2012.
  7. “A New Reading of Rabbi Kook’s ‘The Generation’” (Hebrew), Conference Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Rabbi Kook’s Death, Bar Ilan University (Department of Jewish Studies; (Magal – The Ludwig and Erica Jesselson Institute for Advanced Torah Studies), 1 September, 2010.
  8. “Norms of Doubt: A Maimonidean Perspective on the Threshold of Doubt” The Jewish Law Association 16th International Conference, (The Jewish Law Association and Netanya Academic College) Netanya, June 21-24, 2010.
  9. “The Majority Decides? The Limits of Majority’s Power and the Problem of Minority Representation” (Hebrew), Symposium on: The Halacha of Democracy, The Israel Democracy Center, Jerusalem, 6 June, 2010.
  10. “Marriage as Contract or as Metaphysics: A Halachic-Philosophical Inquiry” (Hebrew), Conference on: Family in the Eye of the Storm, Orot Israel College, Elkana, Israel, 10 May, 2010.
  11. Researcher, Research Forum on: Halacha and Reality, Bar Ilan University, Faculty of Law Esther and Rommy Tiger Program; Mishpetei Eretz Institute for Halacha and Law, 2010.
  12. “Lost Paradise: Four Narratives of the Original Position and the Discourse on Human Rights” (Hebrew), Symposium on: The Biometric Database Law – Ethical, Legal and Halachic Dilemmas, Bar Ilan University, Faculty of Law (Esther and Rommy Tiger Program; Mishpetei Eretz Institute for Halacha and Law) 17 March, 2010.
  13. “Maimonides on Testimony in Agunah and Divorce: Epistemic Implications”, Conference on Jewish Family Law, the Agunah and General Issues in Jewish Law, Fordham University (Fordham University Law School and the Jewish Law Association), New York, 7-8 February, 2010.
  14. “Rigidity and Flexibility in Jewish Evidence Law – an Examination of Maimonides’ Position” (Hebrew), Seminar for Judges, Institute of Advanced Judicial Studies, Neve Ilan, 18 January, 2010.
  15. "Royal and Judicial Leadership in Maimonides" (Hebrew), Symposium on "The Posek as a Leader", Bar Ilan University, Faculty of Law, The Mozes S. Schupf Fellowship Program, in appreciation of the support of Dr. Monique and Dr. Mordecai Katz, 22 October, 2009.
  16. “‘A Person Sees to the Eyes’: Two Models of Dealing with Legal and Halachic Uncertainty – Exploring Maimonides’ Jurisprudence” (Hebrew), Seminar, The Forum for Jewish Law and Halachic Research, The Jewish Law Association, Bar Ilan University (Faculty of Law), 15 February, 2009.
  17. “Acquisition of Future Assets: The Rule and Its Implications in Jewish Law” (Hebrew), Seminar for Judges, Institute of Advanced Judicial Studies, Neve Ilan, 30 October, 2008.
  18. The Experience of Presence in The Halachic, Philosophical and Educational Writings of Rabbi M. Z. Neria (Hebrew), Conference on Rabbi Moshe Zvi Neria: His Teachings and Works – A Decade Since His Passing, Bar Ilan University (The Faculty for Judaic Studies), 30 May, 2006.
  19. Halachic Problems Regarding the Usage of Modern Financial Instruments (Hebrew), Conference on New Financial Instruments – Halachic and Ethical Issues, Bar-Ilan University (Magal – The Ludwig and Erica Jesselson Institute for Advanced Torah Studies; The Aharon Meir Center for the Banking Study and Research; The Department of Economics, The Faculty of Social Studies; The Office of the Campus Rabbi), 19 January, 2006.
  20. The Law of the Land: The Equalizing Effect of Sabbatical Laws, Conference on Equity and Jewish Law, Harvard University (Gruss Chair of Talmudic Civil Law, Harvard University; The Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; The Institute of Jewish Law, Boston University School of Law), 20-21 May, 2001.


 Professional Publications


  1. 2014 is projected for publication of a monograph on Maimonides’ treatment of uncertainty in law and Halacha, in comparison with his general philosophical and theological work..

Articles (refereed(:

  1. Norms of Doubt: A Maimonidean Perspective on the Threshold of Doubt, forthcoming in JEWISH LAW ASSOCIATION STUDIES XXV – THE NETANYA CONFERENCE VOLUME.
  2. Limited Knowledge, Unlimited Love: A Maimonidean Paradox, 3 THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO JOURNAL OF JEWISH THOUGHT, (2012) (
  3. Maimonides on Testimony in Agunah and Divorce: Epistemic Implications, in JEWISH LAW ASSOCIATION STUDIES XXIII – THE FORDHAM CONFERENCE VOLUME (2012) 13.
  4. Marriage as Contract or Metaphysics: An Halachic-Philosophical Analysis of the Procedure of Divorce in Jewish Law,in AMADOT 4 (2013): 65.
  5. The Reflected Mirror: Land Registry Through the Prism of Jewish Law, forthcoming in THE MENAHEM ELON MEMORIAL VOLUME.

Other Articles:

  1. Personality, Utility and Nothingness: A Conceptual Introduction to Jewish Property Law (Hebrew), in MISHPETEI ERETZ – A COLLECTION OF ESSAYS IN HALACHIC LAW, VOL. III: PROPERTY AND COMMERCIAL LAW, 19 (Ido Rechnitz, et al., eds., Ofra, 2010).
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  4. Introduction to the Laws of Testimony: Fixed Rules and Inner Conviction (שכנוע הלב ) – A Study of the Rambam's Approach (Hebrew), ibid, 43.
  5. Reconciling the Approach of the Rambam Concerning Testimony in a Deed (Hebrew), ibid, 287.
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  9. Estoppel and Reopening Cases – The Finality of Res Judicata According to Maimonides (Hebrew), ibid. 220.
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  11. Internal and External Meaning: Exploring the Ethics of Rabbi Eliezer HaKappar (Hebrew), MESSILOT 103 (Karnei Shomron, 2004).
  12. Place and Identity – A Commentary on Ethics of the Fathers Chapter I (Hebrew), MIKARMEI SHOMRON – JUBILEE VOLUME, KARNEI SHOMRON HESDER YESHIVA 283.